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Attorney & Mediator

AJ Wahl is an attorney and mediator who has been serving families on the Oregon Coast since 2013.  Her talents include mediation, with special training for divorce and custody in family matters. 


About AJ Wahl

I practice family law and mediation on the Oregon coast. A child of divorce, I understand the stress that these cases place on families and children and I work  hard to help people find solutions that are best for their kids.


Before becoming an attorney and mediator, I worked for the Governor of Wisconsin, as a Research Aide in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and on various political campaigns. This gave me the ability to see multiple sides to an issue and I learned the benefit of hearing each side before forming an opinion. As a custody evaluator, it is crucial to see the whole picture and have in-depth conversations with everyone before making a recommendation. I think it is important to remain impartial and treat parties fairly and with respect.


I obtained my Juris Doctorate at Willamette College of Law. While at law school, I met my husband, and upon
graduation, we decided to make the pacific northwest home. I like to garden, clam, hike through the woods and on the beach, and create jewelry and pottery.


I hold a Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology, Classics, and Legal Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I live in Gearhart with my husband, two daughters, dog, and chickens.


Family Law Mediation


  • Take control of important decisions

  • Define your family structure to meet your family needs


  • Avoid expensive and emotionally taxing litigation

  • Develop lasting agreements


  • Improve Communication skills and tools for positive co-parenting

  • Decrease conflict between parents

  • Enhance Separation adjustment for your children

Voluntary and Confidential 

  • Participation is voluntary

  • Communications are kept confidential


"Thank you for listening, I finally feel heard."

Party in mediation

"The difference you have had in my life is unmeasurable."

Client in custody dispute

"We are all doing so much better and a lot of that is thanks to you."

Parent of a child client

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